Grinding wheel Cutop Profi Plus

In the manufacture of the wheel, a high-quality flexible abrasive material is used, consisting of a fabric base, on which a layer of zirconium electrocorundum is applied. This material has a number of advantages over normal electrocorundum:

  • Grinding coefficient is 3 times higher
  • High performance on hard metals
  • The effect of self-sharpening at work.

The filling of the disc is 80 flaps with a tilt angle of 10 degrees, this allows you to increase the efficiency of the circle and its resistance to wear by several times. Designed for processing stainless steel, metal, welds, plastic, wood.

Article        Description                                     Packaging
72-12536       125x22.2, P36, 80 flaps              5/200
72-12540       125x22.2mm; P40; 80 flaps        5/200
72-12560       125x22.2mm; P60; 80 flaps        5/200
72-12580       125x22.2mm; P80; 80 flaps        5/200
72-125100     125x22.2mm; P100; 80 flaps      5/200
72-125120     125x22.2mm; P120 80; flaps      5/200