Cutting disc for metal Cutop Special

CUTOP SPECIAL disc gives the best cutting results metal tiles, sheet profile and thin-walled profile pipes. Thanks to the unique fiberglass reinforcement technology mesh in four layers for discs with a diameter of 230 mm and in two layers for discs with a diameter of 115 to 180 mm. Excellent resistance to heavy bending loads. With its small thickness gives high performance security. The absence of vibration allows you to achieve high cutting accuracy. Monocrystalline electrocorundum, included into the composition of the disk, increases the efficiency of the disk many times over.
For angle grinders. Landing diameter 22.2 mm.

Article      Sizes         Package
50-411       125x0.8x22.2 mm    10/100/400
40014St    230x1.6x22.2 mm    10/50/100

For cutting railroad tracks
50-555       355x4.0x25.4 mm     5/25