Grinding wheel GreatFlex Light

Wheel class "MASTER" for domestic use. In the manufacture, a flexible abrasive material is used, consisting of a fabric base on which aluminum oxide - corundum is applied. Produced using technology and quality control. The filling of the disk is 72 flaps with an inclination angle of 10 degrees, which allows to increase the contact area of ​​the treated surface and the efficiency of the circle. Designed for metal processing. For angle grinders. Landing diameter 22.2 mm.

Article           Description                          Package
71-837       125x22.2mm; P36; 72 flaps       5/200
71-838       125x22.2mm; P40; 72 flaps       5/200
71-839       125x22.2mm; P60; 72 flaps       5/200
71-840       125x22.2mm; P80; 72 flaps        5/200
71-841     125x22.2mm; P100; 72 flaps     5/200
71-842     125x22.2mm; P120; 72 flaps     5/200