Cutting disc for metal Cutop Profi

Curop Profi
Professional cutting disc for metal and stainless steel on the basis of single-crystal electrocorundum, which improves disc efficiency and allows you to increase the number of cuts several times.
For angle grinders.
Rim diameter 22.2 mm.

Article       Sizes           Packaging
39996t     115x1.0x22.2mm     10/100/400
39981t     115x1.2x22.2mm     10/100/400
50-558     115x1.6x22.2mm     10/100/400
39983t     125x1.0x22.2mm     10/100/400
39980t     125x1.2x22.2mm     10/100/400
39985t     125x1.6x22.2mm     10/100/400
40012t     150x1.6x22.2mm     10/50/200
39991t     150x1.8x22.2mm     10/50/200
40013t     180x1.6x22.2mm     10/50/200
39990t     180x1.8x22.2mm     10/50/200
40016t     230x1.6x22.2mm     10/50/100
39982t     230x1.8x22.2mm     10/50/100
39987t     230x2.0x22.2mm     10/50/100