Professional concrete impact drill Cutop Profi

Concrete impact drill CUTOP PROFI for professional use. Designed for drilling with impact holes in concrete, stone, brick. The carbide insert with a high percentage of tungsten carbide has a 130 degree sharpening angle, which provides exceptionally long tool life, optimum wear resistance, high accuracy and drilling speed.
Latest high temperature soldering technology.
Material: alloyed tool steel.
Packing: acrylic envelope.

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51-6100      6x100 мм       25/250
51-6150      6x150 мм       25/250
51-6200      6x200 мм       25/250
51-8110      8x110 мм       25/250
51-8200      8x200 мм       25/250
51-10110   10x110 мм     25/250
51-10200   10x200 мм     25/250
51-12150   12x150 мм     25/250
51-12200   12x200 мм     25/250