Ground drill for metal (HSG), Cutop Expert

The drill bit is made of high quality HSG steel. The unique step-hardening gives the highest hardness of the cutting edge and drill shank, and also contributes to increased resistance to fracture. The drill has a cruciform sharpening angle of 135 degrees, accuracy class A1, which ensures low runout and allows you to produce accurate and uniform holes. Thanks to the alloy with the addition of 6% Tungsten and 5% Molybdenum, the drill is able to withstand high temperatures, and 4% Chrome and 2% Vanadium in the composition prevent drill corrosion, prolonging the life of the product. Designed for drilling holes in carbon and alloy steels, gray and ductile irons, non-ferrous metals and plastics.
Material: high speed steel.
Packing: hanging plastic box.
5 pieces. packaged.

Article     Description      Package
53-487     7х109 mm         10/100
53-488     7.5x109 mm      10/100
53-489     8x117 mm         10/100
53-490     8.5x117 mm      10/100
53-491     9х125 mm         10/40
53-492     9.5x125 mm      10/40
53-458     10x133 mm       10/40
53-459     11x142 mm       10/30
53-460     12x151 mm       10/30
53-461     13x151 mm       10/30