Industrial diamond saw blade, segmented, Cutop Profi

Industrial diamond blade Cutop profi is designed for dry and wet cutting of concrete, reinforced concrete, tiles, bricks, stone and other highly abrasive and medium abrasive materials. Capable of cutting reinforced concrete structures, brick, limestone and other solid materials. It is used in joint cutters and petrol cutters. Thanks to wide diamond layer, provides fast cutting and long product service life. 10 mm high cutting edge consists of
segments manufactured using high quality technical high-strength diamonds welded to the body by soldering disk. The disk is perfectly balanced, this allows you to produce accurate
performance and extend tool life.
The disk has an additional mounting hole on the body, which used for better fixation of the disc and protection against slippage during work. Material: tool steel, cutting edge contains industrial diamond powder. Packing: cardboard box.
Specifications: Disc diameter - 350 mm,
landing diameter - 25.4 mm, height of diamond segments - 10 mm,
segment thickness - 3.2 mm, number of segments - 23 pcs.

Article         Description              Package
73-419      350x3.2x10x25.4 mm       1/10