Teflon-coated wood saw blade, Cutop Profi Plus

Wood saw blade Cutop Profi Plus with Teflon coating. Used in conjunction with circular and miter saws for longitudinal and transverse cuts. Designed for cutting soft and hard woods, MDF, plywood, etc. Adapter rings with mounting diameters are supplied in the kit (diameters are indicated on the disk). The disk has a Teflon coating and compensation grooves that contribute to rapid heat dissipation. Thanks to this, the cut is even, and the disc does not deform and has a longer service life. Discs are made in a special automatic induction machine, which provides a smoother surface and sharper teeth.
Material: tool steel, carbide teeth.
Packing: blister.

Article              Description                                      Packaging
75-13024T     130*1.1/1.8*20/16/12mm, 24T              100
75-13036T     130*1.1/1.8*20/16/12mm, 36T              100
75-14024T     140*1.2/1.8*20/16/12mm, 24T              100
75-14040T     140*1.2/1.8*20/16/12mm, 40T              100
75-15024T     150*1.3/2.0*20/16/12mm, 24T              100
75-15036T     150*1.3/2.0*20/16/12mm, 36T              100
75-15048T     150*1.3/2.0*20/16/12mm, 48T              100
75-16024T     160*1.3/2.0*30/25.4/20/16mm, 24T   50
75-16036T     160*1.3/2.0*30/25.4/20/16mm, 36T   50
75-16048T     160*1.3/2.0*30/25.4/20/16mm, 48T   50
75-16524T     165*1.3/2.0*30/25.4/20/16mm, 24T   50
75-16536T     165*1.3/2.0*30/25.4/20/16mm, 36T   50
75-16548T     165*1.3/2.0*30/25.4/20/16mm, 48T   50
75-18524T     185*1.3/2.0*30/25.4/20/16mm, 24T   50
75-18536T     185*1.3/2.0*30/25.4/20/16mm, 36T   50
75-18548T     185*1.3/2.0*30/25.4/20/16mm, 48T   50
75-19024T     190*1.5/2.2*30/25.4/20/16mm, 24T     50
75-19036T     190*1.5/2.2*30/25.4/20/16mm, 36T     50
75-19048T     190*1.5/2.2*30/25.4/20/16mm, 48T     50
75-19060T     190*1.5/2.2*30/25.4/20/16mm, 60T     50
75-20024T     200*1.5/2.2*32/30/25.4/20mm, 24T     50
75-20036T     200*1.5/2.2*32/30/25.4/20mm, 36T     50
75-20048T     200*1.5/2.2*32/30/25.4/20mm, 48T   50
75-20060T      200*1.5/2.2*32/30/25.4/20mm, 60T   50
75-21024T      210*1.5/2.2*32/30/25.4/20mm, 24T    25
75-21036T     210*1.5/2.2*32/30/25.4/20mm, 36T     25
75-21048T     210*1.5/2.2*32/30/25.4/20mm, 48T     25
75-21060T     210*1.5/2.2*32/30/25.4/20mm, 60T     25
75-21648T      216*1.5/2.2*32/30/25.4/20mm, 48T     25
75-21660T     216*1.5/2.2*32/30/25.4/20mm, 60T     25
75-23024T      230*1.6/2.4*32/30/25.4/20mm, 24T    25
75-23036T      230*1.6/2.4*32/30/25.4/20mm, 36T    25
75-23048T     230*1.6/2.4*32/30/25.4/20mm, 48T     25
75-23060T     230*1.6/2.4*32/30/25.4/20mm, 60T     25
75-25024T     250*1.8/2.6*32/30/25.4/20mm, 24T     25
75-25036T     250*1.8/2.6*32/30/25.4/20mm, 36T     25
75-25048T     250*1.8/2.6*32/30/25.4/20mm, 48T     25
75-25060T     250*1.8/2.6*32/30/25.4/20mm, 60T     25
75-25080T&     250*1.8/2.6*32/30/25.4/20mm, 80T     25
75-25548T     255*1.8/2.6*32/30/25.4/20mm, 48T      25
75-25572T     255*1.8/2.6*32/30/25.4/20mm, 72T       25
75-25596T     255*1.8/2.6*32/30/25.4/20mm, 96T      25
75-30048T     300*2.0/3.0*32/30/25.4/20mm, 48T     20
75-30096T     300*2.0/3.0*32/30/25.4/20mm, 96T     20