Steel bits TORX, SL, HEX

Magnetized slot, high precision. The bits are made from top quality Taiwanese S2 steel. Rib bits are produced by cold forming according to the exact specification. The splines of the bit undergo a special hardening process at temperatures up to 870°C. The result is a tip with a hardness of 60 HRC for increased tool life. The bits are made using CUTOP technology. Packing: blister.

2 pcs. packaged                        10 pcs. packaged

83-641 SL4, 50mm                      83-642 SL4, 50mm

83-643 SL5, 50mm                     83-644 SL5, 50mm

83-645 SL6, 50mm                     83-646 SL6, 50mm

83-647 HEX3, 50mm                  83-648 HEX3, 50mm

83-649 HEX4, 50mm                  83-650 HEX4, 50mm

83-651 HEX5, 50mm                  83-652 HEX5, 50mm

83-653 HEX6, 50mm                  83-654 HEX6, 50mm

83-655 TORX T10, 50mm           83-656 TORX T 10, 50mm

83-657 TORX T15, 50mm           83-658 TORX T 15, 50mm

83-659 TORX T20, 50mm           83-660 TORX T 20, 50mm

83-661 TORX T25, 50mm           83-662 TORX T 25, 50mm

83-663 TORX T40, 50mm           83-664 TORX T 40, 50mm