Extension of the Cutop SPECIAL range

The CUTOP SPECIAL disc shows the best result when cutting metal tiles, sheet profiles and thin-walled profile pipes. Thanks to the unique fiberglass mesh reinforcement technology in four layers for discs with a diameter of 230 mm and two layers for discs with a diameter of 125 mm. Excellent resistance to heavy bending loads. With its small thickness it gives high safety performance. Absence of vibration allows to reach high accuracy of a cut. Monocrystalline electrocorundum, which is part of the disc, increases the efficiency of the disc many times over. For angle grinders, mainly cordless. Landing diameter 22.2 mm.

50-853 - 115x0.8x22.2 mm NEW
50-411 - 125x0.8x22.2 mm
50-866 - 150x1.2x22.2 mm NEW
50-867 - 180x1.4x22.2 mm NEW
40014S - 230x1.6x22.2 mm