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Yangquan Zhongjia Abrasives Co., Ltd. originated in 1993 in China as a small production of cutting and grinding discs. Gradually increasing production capacity and improving the quality of products, the organization began to export its products to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North and South America, Oceania and Africa, and grew into one of the largest manufacturers of tool accessories in the world.
Yangquan Zhongjia Abrasives Co., Ltd. values ​​its reputation, follows innovations in the construction tools market, constantly improves existing products and develops new product lines that meet all customer requirements. The company pays special attention to the safety of its products.

CUTOP cutting and grinding discs are widely used in various industrial fields, including automotive, foundry, assembly, shipbuilding and construction. A team of experienced professionals who provide technical support provides CUTOP products with high quality, high performance industrial solutions.
Since 2023, the exclusive representative of Yangquan Zhongjia Abrasives Co., Ltd. in Austria and Germany is Kohlenmarkt Trade GmbH.
Through the joint efforts of the research department and leading institutions in China, our experts are constantly developing new technical solutions and optimizing the current product line in order to meet the needs of customers.
As a manufacturer of abrasive and cutting tools, we understand the importance of customer safety and work comfort by reducing the dust, noise and vibration generated by tools in the long term.
In all processes that affect the production of abrasive products, from research and development, we place an emphasis on safety. Our products are designed to meet the requirements of labor protection, including extreme mechanical and thermal loads.
All products go through 4 stages of quality control on special equipment:
  • Tests before
  • Selection in the production process
  • Exit control from the factory
  • Tests for admission to EU
Paying attention to the safety and comfort of the cutter is our responsibility. 100% of produced discs are balanced (diameter 180 and above). Each disc is put on a special device for testing the balance. In case of disc deflection, a metal plate weighing 2 grams is placed on the edge that deviated upwards. If the disc is properly balanced, the 2 gram weight should bring the surface of the disc down.
Tear-resistant double fiberglass mesh, made of high quality components, is installed in all circles of the factory (mesh production takes place in the factory itself). The quality of the mesh affects the strength of the disc, and therefore the safety of the cut. 8 grids are used in petal discs.
In order to achieve high turnover, we offer special promotional activities. Product display recommendations help customers maintain long-term sales through professional presentation.
Assistance in product
We help clients to expand the professional skills of sales managers through interesting trainings that include theory and practice, exchange of experience, presentations by professionals, product testing.
Professional training of sales managers
The logistics complexes of our partners allow delivery to any EU country.